Monday, 21 March 2016

A quick over view of the TA and the bike and gear I used

When I first became aware of the Tour Aotearoa, I thought that would be awesome thing to do but I didn't commit to it straight away. I have never really done too much cycle touring or bike packing and I really didn't know how my body and  certain parts of my body would deal with it. It would be a massive commitment by myself and my family for me to do this event. I was probably my partner Susanne that in the end said just do it if it is something you really want to. So that was that I made my donation the NZ kidney society due to loosing my Dad to Kidney failure a couple of years ago. I know he would been very proud of me and would have loved following me on the web if he could have figured out how to use the website (a late starter with technology). I received an email and I was in, the third wave on the 24th Of February. Thankfully there were months and months until then and there a lot of time spent on finding out what gear I wanted and needed.
I also built the bike from the ground up that I rode in the TA not finishing it until November, I never really rode it for anywhere near the durations that I encountered on the Tour Aotearoa the longest ride I did on this particular bike was about 5 hours. In the end the bike was incredible, I never had a puncture and the Maxxis Treadlite tyes I used were great. The rear is showing signs of wear but still has life left in it yet. I will probably transfer it to the front and the front tyre that basically has no signs of wear to the rear. I never had any form of mechanical issues either, I had a dream run in that respect. The 1 x 11 Sram set up was faultless and for me the best gearing set up that I could imagine. The WTB Volt saddle served me incredibly well, not 100% with out discomfort at times but I don't know if any seat would be over that sort distance and varied terrain. The Lauf Fork is an incredible yet simple bicycle component that does exactly what it is meant to, 60mm of travel with no maintenance required. I have ridden rigid forks and still do on my rigid 29er SS and I  know that this fork truly helped the comfort, fatigue and fun factor of my Tour Aotearoa. In regards to my other gear which I have listed in a previous blog I can not fault one thing. My best finds were the intents tent from Trademe for $89 (a single wall, 3000mm waterproof tent, weighing about 730grams with the main pole).
Actually I didn't find this, so thanks Marcel Hagener . My other kit favorite was my Sea to Summit Ultrasil 20 litre dry pack, this was very useful for buying extra supplies for the end of the day/night and morning when you couldn't fit them in you bike bags. When it's not in use it stuffs down to nothing in size and only weighs 90 grams.

I can't wait to use all of this again I just don't know when that will be as I sit here writing this blog. The Tour Aotearoa was an amazing experience one that is an absolute highlight in my life so far and I am sure this is the same for everyone that took part in the TA. I have to thank Susanne and my daughter Zania for always making it possible for me to do the things I love, It would all mean so much less without you by my side.

A huge thanks has to go out to Jonathan and any one that was involved in any part of the Tour Aotearoa, we are all very lucky and maybe we will be the only riders that will have done this in an organised event. That is officially a wrap from me:-)

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  1. Funny enough was doing some research for work today and stumbled on to your post and earlier today was looking at that some tent! Seems to fit the bill alright esp as its not worth spending 100's if don't often use it. So you really rated it?(for the price). Also what did you use for a pole?