Monday, 8 February 2016

Das Fahrrad

The bike........ how it started
I built this bike up myself with a frame from, the frame is the FM256 and so far seems like a very good frame. I have had other frames from Hongfu and I have never had any issues. For the price and quality of their many products I would highly recommend them. The rest of the bike came from a 2014 Giant XTC Advance SL0, which comprised of Giant Carbon wheels, carbon Bars, and stem and SRAM's amazing XX1. I am using a WTB Volt saddle on a 31.6mm Easton EC90 seat post and running Maxxis Treadlite EXO TR tyres. I picked this bike up brand new in 2015 for $3000 Australian and still have the small sized frame to sell and recoup some of the costs. The bike as pictured weighed 8.9kg but soon shed some weight when I fitted a Laud Fork, and came in at 8.4kg with pedals and two drink bottle cages. Even if most people think that the Lauf Fork looks strange and potentially ugly, it definitely has place in my world and many others. The reasoned being that at 990 grams, no maintenance required and 60mm of suspension, they make for a very good choice from the Breveter to the serious cross country racer. They will definitely add some serious comfort to my Tour Aotearoa. 
So with the change to the Lauf Fork also came a Shutter Precision 15mm Dyno hub laced onto a Stan's Crest rim, which took the bare bike weight to 8.6kg. Then the addition of all the electrics and lighting system from kLite, The kLite is great and completely self sufficient as long as you just keep pedalling. It gives me a choice of 600 or 1000 lumen headlight that I generate the power for and also the ability to charge my GPS, Phone, Cache battery pack and any other USB rechargeable device. 

So as pictured above without the drink bottles the bike weighs 16kg with all of my gear for the Tour Aotearoa, it will soon hit 20kg with the ability to carry three litres of fluid and the necessary food to keep me going all day, day after day. This a pretty light setup but as soon as you hit any hill you know about it.

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