Sunday, 14 February 2016

What I need for the Tour Aotearoa

I have to admit that I am what one might call a weight weenie, but only within reason. $$$$$$$ and reliability are the key factors which make me decide whether an item is suitable or not. I need to know that the gear I use will do what I want it to, is not too heavy but not so light that it just won't last or even worse fail whilst you are using it. So I have listed below what I am using for the Tour Aotearoa, this is what I need for my comfort physically and mentally to tackle something like the Tour Aotearoa.  I am not carrying any cooking gear as I will be relying on dairies, petrol stations, supermarkets, caf├ęs, Subway and other fast food outlets and basically any where that sells any form of food when needed.
Up the front attached to the handle bars I am using a Revelate Sweet Roll (0.25kg).
Inside is the following (1.25kg)
Louis Garneu 29 long finger gloves
Louis Garneu knee warmers
Louis Garneu shoe T cover
Spare cycle top and tri shorts
Camp seam sealed rain jacket
Macpac seam sealed over trousers
Seal Skin socks for those rainy days
Sea to Summit Dry Lite towel
Poly Pro gloves, Buff head scarf
Plastic bowl
Sea to Summit Ultra Sil 20L Dry Pack, The only time this will be worn is when I need o buy food for the end of the day and the stat of the next, otherwise it will be stashed away.

I have also attached a Salomon Front pack (0.130kg) to the Sweet Roll, which is great for easy access to those items you always want to lay your hands on. It also has two bottle holders that can be used for extra water but I like to use it for food, Bananas, other fruit, bars etc.

Inside is the following: (0.26kg)
Money and credit card and Licence
Seat To Summit spoon fork knife
Cable lock
Cable ties
Anti Chaffing cream
Tooth brush, tooth paste and dental floss
Sunscreen and SPF 30 Chap Stick
Head phones
Various medical tablets and water purifying tablets
Chain cleaning brush and oil
Lezyne Macro Duo 400 Lumen USB chargeable light, Helmet light when needed

Out the back I am using the Revelate Viscacha (0.392kg)
Inside is the following: (3.0kg)
Intents1Ultra Pack 1P tent, check them out on trade me (.74kg)
Sea to Summit Ultra light un insulated sleeping mat (0.355kg)
Sea to Summit Aero Ultra Light pillow (0.06kg)
Sea to Summit Spark 1 (0.35kg)
OR Synthetic down jacket with hood
Warm winter weight long sleeve cycle top
Running shorts for sleeping in and for normal wear if needed
Lightest Jandals I could find,(not that light). It will be nice to get the cycling shoes off at the end of the day that is for sure.
More Anti Chaffing cream, Voltaren cream, Betadene antiseptic and so on
Spare parts, puncture repair kit and tools

I also have a Revelate Gas Tank on the top tube of the bike which has a Romoss (which allows pass through charging) power bank in it, my cell phone, cables and space for food.

This is what I will be mainly riding in, this really nice clothing made Lawn in the Czech Republic, A Limar super light Helmet, Louis Garneau T-Flex LS-100 BOA MTB Shoes and Sziols X Cross sport glasses. The shorts and top are super light so I am carrying a spare set. 
I think and hope that I have every thing I need for the Tour Aotearoa but if not it is New Zealand and I have my credit card.

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